Friday, November 04, 2005

Desktop Remote Support

OK. Some updates of what's been going on.

I'll start with my long project - adventure is more like it. I've been rolling out new computers for a customer in Manhattan. I'll be working on-site for this customer to start. They bought 32 new Dell systems that all needed to be setup on the domain and have the office software configured. Doesn't sound bad right? Well, it's a very busy medical practice and the computers are in all areas of the office including check-in check-out, the exam rooms the doctors' desktop PC systems. At the same time I'm handling their day-to-day troubles. Which include the regular I can't log in whines, and MS Exchange issues, slowness issues on some of the desktops, integrating medical equipment like EKG tester thingies. They have a company that supports their medical software but I've been their so much I've been taking care of the problems for them. They have dameware installed on most systems for on-demand PC remote control and are able to push it out to the new systems.

Remote PC Control

The remote PC control software they use came in handy already since I needed their assistance to get the first exam room's software working properly. It was the first time I had to setup the software from scratch. I tried working with the configuration from the old computer and did great but the thing I didn't know was I had to have another piece of medical software running, Logician by GE (General Electric) Health Care, on first use for it to complete the configuration.

Remote desktop control

I was so close but I'm glad I called and saved time. The remote support tech, Tony, just remoted in to one of the servers. He was using some other online on demand computer remote control software to access the server over the Internet then Dameware for remote desktop control of the workstation.

Remote Computer Control

I like the software they use for computer remote control but I'm kind of favoring using PC Anywhere on all the desktops for my on demand pc remote support software of choice on the computers in the office. I could connect over the Internet using Microsoft Terminal Server then remotely access the computer systems on the LAN. RDP for remote desktop control is such a useful tool. MS did such a great job with that protocol and the technology. The way it's implemented now on servers is even better. Windows 2003 server now has RDP capabilities just like XP pro does. Which brings be to the next point, RDP on the desktop for remote control has been such a useful tool for so many people. They are able to access their system from virtually anywhere. For administrator this is such a useful tool. I now I use Microsoft's RDP protocol daily and I mean daily, as do many other folks in the tech support industry. If not for my own computers it's a remote computer at a customer's office.

Remote Support Software

RDP used as remote support software is at times impractical. Software for remote support over the web is bets if design in a manner that doesn't require modifications to networking devices at the far end. For situation where the remote computers are only on a few networks then setting up the required configuration to access those remote computers is reasonable. If the networks are many or increase steadily and are not networks that are within the support tech's control, then support software that can work around or through those limitations is more efficient for remote access and control support.

Online PC Remote Support Software

So MS RDP is not useful over the Internet as online PC remote support software. Because if the environment that support staff is to access is dynamic or being not controlled by the same staff. it is difficult to make the adjustments in the remote networking equipment for on-demand remote support. This leads to the need for more robust and dynamic on-demand remote support software. The type which is designed to overcome the barriers that are inherent in the networks all across the world. That inherent feature is to protect and block access to computers behind the device. Particularly is the device is the edge to the Internet. Such software designed to pass through the remote equipment and provide access to the remote computers on the web has a pre-configured component that must communicate first to another pre-defined server or device that will then give it instructions or redirect the data stream or firstly the request for remote access to another system. the other system will have software running ready to accept the request and stream form the remote desktop. This solution is a common one in that there are multiple, actually many, vendors providing this. They overcome the obstacles that are in the way of RDP from fulfilling the role of online PC remote support software.

PC remote support software

PC remote support software gives technicians the ability via software, to get to computer desktop or server problems faster to provide help and assistance to remote computer users. The computer users could be employees of the same company, clients that the support organization does work for as in service calls and bill for it, or family and friends. PC remote support software allows technical support staff to not only connect through the Internet but also connect through the local area LAN or private WAN network. Of course there are some services and applications for remote support that allow connecting through one network type versus the other. Other PC remote support software.
can do both but were designed for one or the other so one method for providing support to remote computer users will work better that the other.

Online solutions for providing remote support have generally grown out of LAN based applications for remote controlling computers that were connected tot he same network as the support staff. As the Internet grew in strength, use and popularity, especially in the area of a distributed work force, the need to provide remote support and PC remote support software. grew from the need to reach these computers and users no matter where they might be working permanently or temporarily.

PC remote support

Undoubtedly there are hundrends of ways for a person to conenct to a remote network and a remote PC. For PC remote support, one of the requiring items within the application's feature set is the ablility to request or even require a remote desktop users consent for remote access and control. This is a differenciating factor between the bad programs like those implemented by hackers and desktop hijackers and the like and those who are legiitamently trying to get remote access of a computer to provide pc remote support services.