Friday, December 16, 2011

Outlook Web App didn't initialize - Exchange 2010

Outlook Web App didn't initialize.

If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

Request Url: https://your-server-name.domain:443/owa/auth/error.aspx
User host address: ::1
OWA version: 14.1.355.2

As you will see from the posted images this Exchange 2010 server was no lab.The was a real situation.  It was not in a sterile lab with no real issues or customer waiting to use the money they lspend on new technology and hardware. How it got to this unknown but the resolution to this problem took a little time and is solid.
This Exchange 2010 server was purchased and setup for a migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. It was not setup for demo or lab purposes. It was setup with intend and goal to be a real Exchange server for a migration from Exchange 2003 and getting put into production. But Outlook Web App was not working and this customer is going to need it. Hope this post helps someone out, Cheers!

The error message in OWA occured after the login. The OWA login page displayed okay but after the login, the following error occurred.

This is most like due to an improper security setting for the owaa virtual directoy. NOT the file system owa directory under the exchange program folder.


The setting I have for owa to work are:

From within Exchange 2010 management Console

From within  IIS:

The above settings solved the error. This site had a valid cert. You don;t need one for this problem to be solved but be aware that in IIs you'll have to uncheck the box that says require SSL cert.
Cert erros are totally unrelated to this. This is strictly an authentication issue within Exchange 2010 OWA and IIS 7.

You can also use the following shell commands to test connectivity . 

Exchange management shell :

Create new exchange 2010 test user account . Run the folloing from the scripts\ directory in the exchnage program folders. Use the exchange command shell with elevated privlages to create the test account if you don;t have one already. .




output display was the following: 

The test couldn't sign in to Outlook Web App due to an authentication failure.

The error above was displayed as output prior to the fixes noted earlier i nthis post.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

XenApp Session Printer Registry Key Location

Citrix XenApp Session Printer Registry Location.

Corrupt drivers in Citrix xenapp can often lead to printers repeatedly being included into user session that should not be included. They are from past connection sessions and are "stuck" in the registry and part of the users profile.

As I have experienced, even when the driver is repaired, the printers still show up in the user session when they aught not to be.

The location where these printers are defined is the following:

If this key looks familiar to you it's because it's the location in the registry where local printers live. Session printers are local printers for the user who is logged into the server and has started the published application even if the printers are network printers.