Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Test URL for Activesync 2007 Exchange

Test URL for Activesync 2007 Exchange

A useful URL to know and keep track of for future use is one that allows you to check on an Exchange 2007 server's activesync functionality. This is a particularly useful link to have and use for testing when you don;t actually have a windows mobile phone to test with. The URL is simple but has changed from Exchange 2003 server. In Exchange 03 it was /oma or OMA.

To use the test URL, just open a new browser window and enter https://owa.{}/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/ in the browser's address bar and lick go or hit enter.

If Microsoft activesync is working on the exchange server you are connecting to properly, you should get an error message. The error message displayed in the browser should be Error 501/505 - Not implemented or not supported. This error message is normal for when a browser reaches the activesync web site. Depending on server configuration, https may not be required. A URL using only http without the s may be sufficient.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Action When Virtual Server Starts Greyed Out

The option to change the behavior of the virtual server when the host server is restarted or if the virtual server services are stopped and restarted. The option is greyed out if the virtual server is currently running. You have to turn off the guest OS before you can make changes to this area of the virtual server configuration.