Sunday, January 15, 2012

Windows XP Login Screen - Fast User Switching

The image above is the nice login screen you get with windows XP Home or Windows XP Professional edition with fast user switching enabled. Fast user switching is usually enabled by default on windows XP but if it is not it can be enabled again. 
When windows XP Professional computer is a member of a domain, fast user switching is disabled. 
Fast user switching cannot be enabled when the computer is a member of the domain. Windows XP Home cannot be a member of a domain, only workgroup. 


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for posting this about the logon screen for windows xp. it has come in useful more than once.

Microsoft Desktop Support said...

Support for windows Xp is ending this year. Windows 7 and Windows 8 supports fast user switching too. Thanks for the information and support.

Anonymous said...

Software support for windows XP has unfortunately ended for windows XP. Although Microsoft has stopped supporting this desktop OS, we as technical support companies and Information technology departments still have a user base that uses Windows XP. This creates an interesting support anomalies. Additionally, we have to support not only the latest windows operating system for use at the desktop level but we also have to still support desktops remotely. I have noticed that many services that provide us software for desktop support over the web are dropping off support for windows XP. It is not really or directly windows XP but the browser version which is limited to Internet Explorer 8 on XP.

Microsoft MVP said...

What I have noticed with fast user switching and desktop sharing software has been that there are at time fast user switching causes issues. Desktop screen sharing software like software for remote support can disconnect when switching users. Remote support software still supports XP but fewer vendors are ensuing compatibility. The reason remote support software services are less indulgent in ensuring windows xp support is because the inevitable ending of XP support by Microsoft. Remote support software, depending on service vendor, will keep their support for windows XP. As many application developers will do is to not develops new software for XP compatibility. Their efforts and development for remote support software undoubtedly be continued for future generation of Windows operating systems. While looking and testing remote support for desktop screen sharing computer remote control support through the web, it is advised to select remote support software that still support XP. Remote support software still supports XP will surely be usfull. Even though support for Microsoft Windows XP will end and XP will become difficult to use for even web browsing, there are still many installations of this legendary operating system. Remote support software for online computer remote control that no longer support XP will diminish technical support efforts by iinformation technology department, and managed services organizations that need remote support software to provide remote assistance to clients. Remote assistance and the lack of support for XP by some online remote support services could cost invaluable time when the need to support clients remotely. Since the main goal of remote support softwRe is to provide remote assistance via desktop screen sharing, the lack of windows xp support diminishes the effectiveness of support groups. They will no longer be able to support some of their. Clients that for vRiaous reasons may need to continue using Windows XP.